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Troubleshoot volume activation of Office

Corporate customers can activate Office products inside the corporate network by using the local KMS server without connecting to Microsoft activation servers in the Internet.

Two types of enterprise volume activation are supported:. This small package about Kb contains the files necessary for the KMS server to be able to receive and process activation requests from MS Office clients. Depending on the version of Office that you plan to use, you must download and install the correct version of the Volume License Pack:. Both options are described below. Then select the activation method: online or by phone.

In the first case you will have to temporary provide your KMS server with the direct Internet access. A warning that a new object will be created in the AD forest appears. To immediately activate the Office on the client computer, run these commands one by one in the elevated command prompt :.

For a bit Office version installed on a Windows x64 version, another command is used:. If the KMS server is running on a non-standard port not onyou can change the port on the client like this:.

The presence of the following lines indicates that your copy of Office has been successfully activated:. With the help of the following command, you can get information about the client activation history on the KMS server you are searching for entries with the Event ID: :.

These keys are public and accessible to everyone on the Microsoft TechNet. Due to them, all Office product versions are automatically activated if there is the KMS server in the domain network. As a workaround, you need to activate the KMS server from the command prompt after installing volumelicensepack. This is a r2 server that is working fine for activating Windows 7 work stations. I have been told that I can be running the KMS activation for Office on the same server as for Windows, but is that not correct?

You dont need to install Office on KMS server. Thanks for the great article, my question what if i need to activate just Visio and Project without all office apps shall i will use the same procedure or it will be different? If i have an environment of workstation that I reimage every 6 months and i only have VL of office When I activate the workstation, I will use up the licenses but what if i reimage the computers on the 6 months.

What will happen? In that case, if you are using KMS server to activate Officeall computers will be activated. You could have licenses and can activate computers against it. Only a little window suggesting to use slmgr. Thanks for great article. Citrix for publishing office thru Xen App 7. Hi Great Article. Quick question which you may be able to answer for me.We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.

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Save preferences. Activating your OfficeAfter some fiddling I managed installing the suite via ODT and the installation files based on our local fileserver. But unfortunately KMS activation isn't working. Thus, as far as I understand, the functional level of the KMS running server is limited to R2, too, which could cause most of the problems we currently face.

How To Setup KMS (Key Management Server) For Activating Windows 10

Since then everything was working. But still the client won't activate and throw the following errors:. Meanwhile reactivating Windows 10 or Office is still working on the exact same client.

The standard port is allowed and also flawlessly working for the other activations. VAMT tells that it could not activate the keys. Is it maybe just due to the R2 domain controller? Is O activation maybe simply not working with such old structures we're about to update but that's still taking time. I'm out of ideas now and asking the wise Microsoft-TechNet-Community for some guidance.

office kms server

Any idea is welcome! Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Eddga.

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Maybe you can provide more information to help me analyze the issue for me. Please follow these methods below to have a check, and post the result here to share with us:. These diagnostic tools automate almost all of the troubleshooting steps available for KMS issues and provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to fix the detected issues. Please follow the steps to troubleshoot the issue. It'll determine if your changes need to occur on the client, your network, or your KMS host.

Configure a KMS host computer to activate volume licensed versions of Office

You can also share the information you get to discuss with us here. I will do further analysis on this. It requires that you configure and activate the KMS host computer again. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they helped. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnsf microsoft.Review the kms. In many cases, Windows KMS hosts may be unintentionally set up by users who mistakenly entered a KMS host product key, instead of a Windows client product key.

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Run cscript slmgr. To prevent instability in the license service, restart the system or the Software Protection Service. To restart the Software Protection Service, run the following commands:. Run the following command to display the license information for the installed and active Windows edition:.

These items indicate that the Office KMS host key is successfully installed and activated. To pull all the products installed, including all Office KMS host installations, run the following command:. In this command, path equals where you want to write the output. If you only want to pull specific Office KMS information, replace the Activation ID that is mentioned earlier in the command bfe7af8f-4f0b-acf13c7d with the Activation ID for Office, or An example of the output resembles the following:.

If the command is run without the Office activation ID bfe7af8f-4f0b-acf13c7dall installed product keys are uninstalled, including those for Windows. If the Office KMS host product key is removed, the output resembles the following. The key items are This license is not in use and License Status: Unlicensed. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode.

Warning If the command is run without the Office activation ID bfe7af8f-4f0b-acf13c7dall installed product keys are uninstalled, including those for Windows. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback.Then, you need to activate the KMS key over the internet or by telephone. You can also configure a KMS host computer to activate multiple versions of Office, such as Office and Office In these cases, the KMS host computer must be running an operating system that supports KMS for each of the versions of Office that you want to activate.

Office supports KMS host computers running on the following operating systems, depending on which version of Office is being activated by KMS:. The result of running this command is a digit installation ID. Paste the installation ID number into Notepad, and then break it up into six groups of six numbers.

This command launches the Windows phone activation wizard and it will display a telephone number. After you've obtained the telephone number, cancel the wizard.

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You can ignore the activation ID displayed by the wizard. It's for Windows. Call the telephone number. At each prompt, enter a group of six numbers. This digit number is the installation ID that you obtained in step 1.

After you set up the KMS host computer, KMS clients send requests for activation and increment the current count of activations. The current count must be 5 or more before KMS clients are activated. The maximum current count is double the activation threshold, or Each event displays the name of the computer and the time stamp of each activation request. For example:. The following text is an example of the output.

Configuring KMS Server for MS Office 2019/2016 Volume Activation

Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Support for Windows 8 ended on January 12, On the KMS host computer configured to support volume activation of Office, you install and enable only one KMS host key to activate all volume licensed versions of Office. If the KMS host computer is available and properly configured, activation of Office occurs transparently to the user.

Office is activated the first time it runs, provided that there have been at least four previous activation requests to the KMS host computer. This is because the KMS host computer requires at least five requests before it begins activating clients. You don't have to do anything else to enable activation of Office by KMS.

The default port is These registry keys can also be set through by using ospp. For more information about the ospp.

This means that the priority and weight parameters set for KMS host computers will be honored. To configure KMS host caching, you can use the opss. You use the ospp.

office kms server

For more information about using the ospp. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. The number of days is configurable. This design allows the maximum possible time for the client to be in the licensed state. After the client is successfully activated, it remains in the licensed state for days.

When in the licensed state, users do not see any notification dialog boxes prompting them to activate the client. After days, the activation attempt process resumes.

If activation is continually successful, the whole activation experience is transparent to the user. Out-of-tolerance If activation does not occur during the day period, Office goes into the out-of-tolerance state for 30 days.

Users then see notifications that request activation. Unlicensed notification If activation does not occur during the out-of-tolerance state, Office goes into the unlicensed notification state.

Users then see notifications that request activation and a red title bar. Yes No. Any additional feedback?Use these steps to troubleshoot the most common issues.

If you're an Office user troubleshooting a personal copy of Office, see Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office instead of reading this article. Many of the solutions include running the ospp. The opss. You can also use the slmgr. For detailed information about these scripts, see Tools to manage volume activation of Office. You can manually configure KMS host computers and clients, depending on the network configuration and your security requirements.

For more information about how to configure the KMS client, see ospp. These diagnostic tools automate almost all of the troubleshooting steps available for KMS issues and provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to fix the detected issues.

office kms server

It'll determine if your changes need to occur on the client, your network, or your KMS host. As a local administrator, log into any Office client that is unable to activate using KMS activation. When you are prompted, choose Run or Save File. If you choose Save Fileyou can later run the file from the folder where you saved it. When prompted to select the computer on which to run the diagnostic, choose This Computerand then choose Next. On the next page choose Start.

When the diagnostic displays an alert indicating a report has been saved, choose Open Report. Review the details listed in the report Summary section, and then review the problems listed in the Issues Detected section and follow the recommendations provided under Recommended steps and related resources. Review the information listed in the Summary section and then review the problems listed in the Details section.

Follow the recommendations provided under Action needed or comment for the items flagged with ' Attention Required ' in the Result column. You have to be connected to the internet to use MAK activation.

But, if your internet connection requires authentication, MAK activation won't work and you'll have to activate over the telephone.

For more information about this issue, see Knowledge Base article Error codes help you troubleshoot activation issues. If you see a dialog box that contains an activation notification, an error code is usually displayed at the lower corner.

You can then run ospp.


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